Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)
PBIS has been active at Nashville Elementary since 2006. The purpose of PBIS is to improve social competence and academic achievement for all students. Since 2008, Nashville Elementary has earned State Recognition for our PBIS Program.
Nashville Elementary has four Cardinal Rules. They are be respectful, be responsible, be prepared and be a learner. The PBIS team for the school year, has decided on the following student incentives for recognizing good behavior:
PBIS Celebration: At the end of each 9 weeks, students who qualify will be able to celebrate in the PBIS Celebration. Each Celebration and requirements will be announced each 9 weeks.
Feather Drawing: Students have the opportunity to earn "feathers" at school in transitions or outside of the classroom, at the end of each week feathers will be tunred in by grade level and a drawing will be held. There will be a winner for each grade level and a prize will be given.
Class Dojo is a school wide program that helps students and parents stay connected to the classroom. This program allows students and parents to stay up to date on the students behavior with a point system, the point system is based off of positive behaviors. This system also allows parents to easily communicate with teachers.